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plumbing company San Diego CA

Avoid These Residential Plumbing Mistakes

Our plumbers have seen everything you can possibly think of that can go wrong with a plumbing system. Out of the different types of plumbing problems they encounter, there are some that come up more frequently than others. Today, we’re going to help you avoid those plumbing issues by addressing the most common residential plumbing mistakes.

Common Residential Plumbing Mistakes

1. Using the wrong tool to when attempting to fix a clog. There are a number of plumbing tricks you can try to unclog a drain. It is very important to know what tools are best for the job at hand. For example, using a drain snake to try to unclog a toilet could cause severe damage to the toilet bowel. Always try and use a simple plunger first. If the plunger does not work and an auger is needed, make sure you are using a toilet auger. A toilet auger is specially designed and manufactured for the toilet. This 1 tip could save you hundreds of dollars from having to buy a brand new toilet. In addition, using chemical drain cleaners for any clogs can corrode and damage the inside of your plumbing.

2. Overloading the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are built and designed to be fed one item at a time. If you overfill your garbage disposal it can easily get jammed or overworked.

3. Wrong items going down the garbage disposal. A very common mistake people make with garbage disposals is not being careful of what they use them for. Garbage disposals can handle small food scraps, but starchy and fibrous foods like vegetable peels, celery, rice and pasta are often problematic. Often, they tie up the blades of the garbage disposal and lead to a jam.

4. Flushing garbage down the toilet. Quite often, homeowners treat their toilets like garbage cans. They flush products like cotton balls, facial scrubs, cotton swabs, paper towels and hygiene products. Toilets are only designed to flush human waste, if you flush other foreign objects it can quickly lead to a clog.

5. Leaving hair in shower drain traps. Most showers have drain traps that are used to catch soap scum and hair that would otherwise build up in the drains and lead to clogs. Neglecting to clean the traps is a huge mistake. You will get standing water in the shower, the water will not drain properly, and this will ultimately lead to a future clog in your drain.

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