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Methods Used By Professional Plumbers for Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a hazardous and frustrating problem in a lot of homes. The drains in the kitchen sink may become clogged when grease build-up traps food particles. Hair and soap are usually the main culprits behind clogged drains in the bathroom. There are even unpleasant situations when the toilet is clogged due to items that cannot be flushed. A clogged drain in any of these areas qualifies as a household emergency. Unfortunately, trying to unclog these drains on your own using store products can be disastrous. This is the reason why it is always better to call a professional plumber who has the right tools and who will have the necessary knowledge to clear your clogged drains so that everything flows freely. The two most effective processes for unclogging drains are drain snaking and hydro-jetting.

Drain Snaking to Clear Clogged Drains

clogged drains San Diego, CA - Black Mountain PlumbingA drain snake, also referred to as a plumbing auger, is a very handy tool that can help to unclog different types of clogged drains. This tool is about 1/4 inches thick, and it is long and flexible. One end of this plumbing snake has a hand crank, while the other end has corkscrew augers attached to it. The plumber will put the flexible end of the plumbing snake inside the drain, and use the hand crank to extend the cable down your drain until they feel some resistance. This resistance is caused by the clog which they want to get rid of. When they get to this obstruction, they will push the snake further in. Some pieces of this clog will break up and flush through the drain. The plumber can use the plumbing snake to pull out the remaining pieces of the clog.

This method is very effective, and it has a number of benefits which include:

– This process is extremely quick and easy. The plumber will come in, use the plumbing auger to remove the obstruction, and clean the clogged drains so that everything flows smoothly again.

– It helps to destroy problematic blocks and it thoroughly removes the blockage. The plumber will move the snake around in the drain in order to ensure that all obstructions are removed.

– It is very effective in clearing sewer lines that have become blocked due to plant overgrowth.

– It can help to get rid of blockages that cannot be cleared by biological or chemical cleaners.


Hydro-jetting is a cleaning method that involves the use of high pressure water streams to get rid of clogs in drains. The hydro-jet itself is a hose that is connected to a very powerful nozzle. This tool will push water at a high pressure of up to 35,000PSI. The nozzle is pushed into the drain, and then the high-pressure water is forced through the pipe. This pressure is quite powerful, and the energy from the water is what is used to unclog the drain. However, it is still safe to use, and the pressure will not damage PVC pipes.

Benefits of hydro-jetting

This unclogging method is extremely thorough. The water completely cleans out the clogged drains or sewer line so that there is absolutely no dirt, debris or grease that could eventually cause clogging.

  • It is very effective in getting rid of grease. Other methods of unclogging are usually unable to properly get rid of all the grease in a drain. Therefore, after some time, the grease begins to trap food particles again. However, if grease is the main problem, the high pressure water will remove it completely.
  • Hydro-jetting is a more sanitary method of getting rid of clogs. Unlike other methods that involve pulling out the debris, hydro-jetting pushes it out until it is completely out of the way. It is therefore a less messy method of unclogging your drains
  • .It is a longer-lasting drain cleaning solution, as the walls will be completely cleaned. This will reduce the instances of drain blockage in the future. Hydro-jetting can be used to eliminate bad odors. Food and grease that have clogged drains can begin to decompose after some time. This can cause a very bad odor in your home. Other methods that do not completely get rid of the obstruction will not get rid of the smell. However, since hydro-jetting thoroughly cleans the walls and gets rid of all the dirt, it will eliminate the odor that is caused by the decomposing obstruction.


If You Have a Clog that Does Not Clear Easily Hire a Plumber

It is always better to hire a professional to clean and clear out your clogged drains. This is because doing it yourself could cause more harm than good, and it could be more expensive and time consuming in the long run. A professional plumber will first inspect the drain in order to determine which method is the best for unclogging it. Most of them use a camera to determine the cause of the blockage. After the initial assessment, they will use their high quality tools to completely clear out the clogged drains. They will then perform a quality inspection in order to ensure that the obstruction has been completely removed, and that there are no more problems. Furthermore, a professional plumber can identify other bigger problems that could be the cause of the blockage, such as excessive corrosion that caused the pipe to collapse. They will therefore advise the client accordingly, and ensure that water flows freely once more.

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