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Garbage Disposal Installation – Repair – Replacement

The garbage disposal unit is among the most utilized machines in the house. Due to heavy usage, it’s typical for problems to develop. Since most of us don’t have the time or the required capabilities to repair a garbage disposal on our own, it’s nice to know there are professionals that can help with garbage disposal installation!

Typical Garbage Disposal Repair Issues

Stuck Object

This can differ from a piece of silverware to a fibrous piece of food. First, do not attempt to remove the object if it is tightly jammed! Second, disconnect the disposal and contact Black Mountain Plumbing to remove the foreign object.

garbage disposal installation and repairBlockages

These can originate from a variety of things, for example, congealed grease, fibrous foods, dirt, etc. No matter the reason, it’s a problem that needs to be repaired. Call Black Mountain Plumbing to clear out the blockage. Our plumbers will use tools that are safe for your drains. In addition, it may be needed to clear out the P trap, and if the obstruction is major, the line might need to be snaked.


When your disposal is overloaded it has a function that immediately shuts it off. This takes place to prevent the gadget from getting too hot. It could be that you need to reset your unit or your circuit breaker is tripped. Initially, you should look below your sink and have a look at your device. You should find a small red button located on the bottom of your disposal unit. Press the button and hold it for a number of seconds, if this does not work, then you will have to call your plumber. The garbage disposal unit might require some electrical work.

Noise Issues

One typical problem known with garbage disposals is that they may produce too much sound when used. You might hear some rattling or grinding noises, each time you turn it on. If noises like these exist, it is most likely set off by a object , possibly a metal piece or perhaps a bone which was accidentally fallen your disposal.

Having this type of problem ignored can cause damage to your disposal blades. To repair it, shut off the electrical power for that part of your house. Then, get a flashlight and a needle nosed pliers. Using these, try to find the object which more than likely is triggering the noise.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Among the most crucial gadgets in your cooking area lies just within the sink. Waste disposal system in homes are so common, that an individual can’t take into consideration doing without the gadget.

If you require a garbage disposal installation, in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, Mira Mesa, Rancho Penasquitos or Poway call the plumbing professionals at Black Mountain Plumbing at (858) 536-4161.


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