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Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in San Diego CA

Your garbage disposal may be one of the most misused devices in any house. Few people seem to know that their garbage disposal unit is only designed to manage light  food residue that is rinsed from plates and cooking utensils before they enter into the dishwasher.

garbage disposal repair and installationWhen people try and run Large amounts of food and particles down into the disposal or run foods that can easily expand such as pasta or rice, they exceed the disposals ability to work properly and clog the kitchen sink drain. Nobody is happy with a kitchen sink that won’t drain  and garbage disposal repair is then needed. Black Mountain Plumbing can repair or replace worn out or broken garbage disposals and have your sink back to normal in no time.

When our plumbers have diagnosed the issue, they will reveal to you their findings and go over exactly what is needed to repair your garbage disposal. They will not carry out any work till you have approved the work they suggest. If they continue on your garbage disposal repair work, the work will certainly be performed as quickly as possible to lower any hassle you are experiencing.

Scraps of food make up between 10 % and 20 % of the typical household waste. There has been a progressively troublesome problem related to the disposal of remaining food, as it associates with, community waste disposal, public health issues, sanitation and environmental problems. If you treat food waste as a liquid (since it is approximately 70 % water), then contemporary wastewater plants can more effectively process the natural solids, which is an ecological boost. This likewise reduces the quantity of waste that will eventually wind up in the garbage dump.

Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Foul odors can take place from a buildup of food debris within the disposal. Attempt these steps to get rid of the odors:

  • Grind ice disposal for about 30 seconds
  • While the disposer is still running, pour a percentage of liquid meal detergent into it
  • Rinse any continuing to be debris away by running cold water for about 30 seconds


Garbage Disposal Repair

In the event your garbage disposal ceases to work, you can check the reset button. When the disposal motor jams, it can overheat quickly and cause the red reset button to pop from the bottom of the disposal. This stops the flow of electricity to protect the motor. If your disposal cuts off during operation, it may be this broken electrical connection. The very best thing to do is:

  • Turn the disposal switch off.
  • Do not put hands or things down drain.
  • Make sure the appliance is plugged in firmly at the outlet.
  • With power switch shut off, press reset activate front or bottom of the garbage disposer.
  • Restart disposer by switching on power switch.


If you experience a garbage disposal that does not work, you can contact Black Mountain Plumbing, where our plumbing technicians are expert in the repair, replacement and maintenance of the garbage disposal.

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