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Hard Water vs Soft Water – San Diego CA

Health Benefits of Hard and Soft Water

hard water San Diego CAYou would be forgiven for thinking that the water that comes out of your tap in its natural form is the same, regardless of soft water vs hard water where you are. However, this is not the case. There are types of water: hard and soft. but what’s right for you? this article is all about hard vs soft water.

Generally, soft water is more desirable. It is for this reason that many people feel it essential to invest in a water softener. As the name suggests, this system turns water from being hard to being soft.  Water is used for everything and the most important use is probably that of being able to hydrate yourself.

Hard Water

Hard water is water that has been untouched by any chemical process. This water is the most natural type of water and the closest thing to drinking rainfall. Before it reaches your tap, the water seeps through the ground where it is filtered by stones and mineral deposits. These make the water hard.

The main benefit of drinking this type of water is that it still contains all of the natural minerals. These minerals include, but are not limited to, calcium; magnesium and iron. Research shows that the inclusion of these minerals within an individual’s water intake can be beneficial in fighting and preventing certain heart and cardiovascular diseases. Seeing as though these minerals are absent from soft water, this is definitely an advantage in drinking hard water.

It is claimed that if your water is rich in these minerals then an individual can receive all of their daily doses of minerals from drinking the water.

As well as the potential health benefits of drinking hard water, these minerals are also said to add to the taste of the water. Of course this is subjective and there is no way of measuring personal preference. But many people opt to have a hard water supply separate from their water softener.

Any potential disadvantage with hard water comes in the form of scale build up inside the plumbing system. This scale reduces the efficiency of household appliances.

In terms of drinking water, some studies suggest a slight correlation with drinking hard water and children obtaining eczema. Although there is no concrete evidence to comprehensively conclude that there is a correlation.

The main reason that many people are put off by hard water is the smell that it produces. Due to the minerals it contains, hard water can often give off scents ranging from being earthy to a strong sulfur smell. This is the most common reason for people disliking drinking hard water.

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