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How to Relight a Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

If You Have a Gas Water Heater, It Is Important to Know Your Pilot Light

pilot lightIf you woke up to a cold shower, there’s a good chance the pilot light on your water heater has gone out. Learn how to turn it back on and you’ll be known around your house as the keeper of the flame.

You will need a gas-powered water heater, and a lighter or matches.

Optional: a flashlight.

Gas vapors can be dangerous.  Check around the gas heater and lines before igniting the pilot.  If you smell gas, or suspect a leak, turn off the supply and call the utility company or a professional like Black Mountain Plumbing for help..

Step one:  Turn the temperature knob on the outside of the unit to the lowest setting.  Use a flashlight to see the small parts and lettering on the water heater.

Step two:  Find the metal access panel under the knobs near the bottom of the heater and remove it.  Also, remove the inner-heat shield panel.  Look inside for a flame—if you see one, the pilot is already lit and is probably not the source of the problem.

Step three:  Turn the gas control knob to the off position and wait a minute for any leftover gas to clear the line.  Blow gently through the access door to disperse any remaining gas vapors.

Step four:  Now turn the control to the pilot setting and hold a lit match or lighter in the opening near the end of metal pilot supply tube.  Some models require you to press and hold a button that says pilot, instead of a knob.

Step five:  Press and hold the reset or pilot button on the control box until the pilot lights and continue to hold it for 60 seconds after the pilot is lit.

Step six:  After 60 seconds, turn the control knob to the on position.

Step seven:  Repeat the process once if the pilot did not light the first time

Step eight:  Replace the access panels to the heater and set the temperature knob to the desired setting.  Wait a while for the tank to heat up and you’re back in business.


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