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plumbing company San Diego CA

Noritz Expands Tankless Residential Offering by Three Units

Water heaters have come a long way.  New tankless models come with a digital readout to tell you whether you have scale buildup within the unit, what your flow rate is, temperature and more.  Noritz America offers some of the finest state-of-the-art water heaters around.  Here is a story of three new models released just a few days ago that we thought you would find interesting.  If you are interested in a tankless water heater and would like more information contact us at (858) 536-4161.

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  From Plumbing Perspective FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF. (JANUARY 14, 2014) — Noritz America has expanded its ecoTOUGH and ValueSolutions tankless water heater series with three new models offering several performance-enhancing advantages: a new, 12-year heat exchanger three times more durable in its ability to resist scale buildup; new scale-detection software that minimizes leaks by indicating when it’s time to de-scale (flush) the system; a compact design with an integral readout window, permitting basic servicing without the need for a remote device. Located at the lower right of the front panel, the small display indicates flow rates, temperature and common error codes. “The scale detection software and the integral display window are designed to alert homeowners and service contractors of scale buildup within the unit,” explains Noritz marketing manager Jason Fleming. “The main benefit of this early alert system is proactive leak prevention, of course. But thanks to the more durable heat exchanger, these units won’t need to be flushed as often to assure a ready and abundant supply of hot water for the household.” Noritz began shipping the new models – the NR501, NR662 and NRC711 – nationwide in early January. NR501: A hot water solution for one-bath homes in warmer climates, this strictly outdoor unit (photo above, left) has an Energy Factor of 0.86 for natural gas (NG) and 0.85 for liquid propane (LP). Part of the ValueSolutions series of gas-fired residential tankless water heaters, the Noritz NR501 carries the following specifications. For the rest of the story click here

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