plumbing company San Diego CA
plumbing company San Diego CA

Leave Plumbing Installation to the Pros

plumbing installation San Diego, CAGetting plumbing help for a household Plumbing Installation job may seem like a waste of money. But there are some plumbing installation projects in which it actually makes economic sense to hire a professional. If you end up over your head handling a plumbing project, the potential for damage could make the job more expensive than if you had just called a plumber in the first place.

Installing a sink is a job that absolutely requires the work to be done correctly the first time. The potential for leaks, which could lead to water damage, is significant. Another danger is damage to the sink, which can be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver. One of the most difficult parts of the job is getting the new sink to exactly fit into the existing opening. That will require careful use of a jigsaw to cut the hole for the new sink, a skill normally perfected only after plenty of practice. Another complicated part of the job is using plumber’s putty and silicone caulk to create an airtight seal.

Plumbing Installation: Toilets

Putting in a toilet is another plumbing project that begs for a professional touch. One issue is the condition of the floor beneath the toilet. In an older home with wood floors, it’s possible that significant damage to the sub-floor could be revealed when the toilet is removed. During the actual removal of the old toilet and installation of the new unit, it’s best to have more than one person doing the job. Toilets, especially older models, can be quite heavy. Another significant issue is ensuring that the new wax ring that seals the toilet is lined up properly as the toilet is secured to the floor. One imprecise move can ruin the job and ring up additional purchases for new wax rings until the installation is perfect.


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