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San Diego Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

San Diego drinking waterIn some communities, urban water supply is not as safe as it should be. Drinking water can be loaded with contaminants, or have unsafe levels of certain chemicals, such as fluorine, lead or chlorine. Is San Diego’s drinking water safe? The drinking water provided by the City of San Diego is safe and meets all federal and state water health standards (primary standards for treating and monitoring water). Here’s how to find out how safe the water faucet is in your house.

1. The City of San Diego issues a Drinking Water Quality Report every year on July 1. This report will usually come with your water bill. It includes details about our water, what it contains, and other important information about the water we drink.

2. You can also obtain a copy from your water company, local libraries, or the Environment Agency website. See link below.

3. When you are on the site, click on “water” and then “drink water”. You can also contact your water company to ask if you have found any contaminants. It is good to know where your water was treated. San Diego treats the water at three treatment plants: Alvarado, Miramar and Otay. Which plant you receive your water from depends upon where you live

4. Create your own water safety test by buying a home testing kit. Be sure to test the water when it first came out and after it has been running for a while. Submit water samples to laboratories for analysis, the results can be difficult to decide for themselves.

5. If your water quality is not to your satisfaction, look into installing water purification systems or obtain some simple water filter. Shower filters are also good for protecting yourself and your family from chemicals in water. Many people see the hair and skin texture improved after installing a shower filter at home. They can be easily removed if you want to take with you when traveling and staying at a hotel.

For San Diegans, wasting water is never an option. Water prices will continue to rise and nearly 85% of our water is imported from Northern California or the Colorado River Basin. There are many ways to save water in the home.

Here are just a few.

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