plumbing company San Diego CA
plumbing company San Diego CA

Sewer Lines vs. Tree Roots

One of the most typical local Plumbing problems we see with sewer lines are tree roots growing into them and busting the pipe. The plant’s roots are looking for water and a plumbing pipe buried underground is the perfect source. The flow of warm water inside sewage system water pipes creates vapor to leave to the colder soil surrounding the pipe. Tree roots expand toward the vapor to the point of its source. The source of the vapor is generally a crack in the pipe or a loosened joint. As soon as the plant roots reach the crack or loosened joint, they will certainly expand with the opening to get to the abundant nutrients and wetness within. Once inside the pipe, the roots will certainly continue to grow, and if not disrupted, they will inevitably completely fill the pipe with hair-like root system masses. These masses could act as an internet as they catch house fats, oils, oil, grit (FOGG), cells paper, and other debris discharged from the house. Tree roots growing inside sewage system pipes are one of the most pricey local plumbing problems problems experienced by our clients.

Tree Roots vs. Your Sewer Lines

It may be the biggest local plumbing problem you will ever face

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx

sewer lines San Diego CAThe lovely and mysterious thing about tree roots growing into sewer lines is that it happens below ground, which means that you can’t see it without a backhoe. It’s a shame, isn’t it? Because if something can make your toilet bubble up and your basement fill with sewage, you probably want to keep tabs on it.

To understand how tree roots and sewer lines interact, you must first know what “a sewer lateral” is. A sewer lateral is the stretch of sewer pipe that extends from your foundation to the municipal sewer line under the street. Most municipalities will not repair or otherwise take responsibility for clogged or otherwise damaged sewer laterals. For instance, the Los Angeles Department of Public Works states that clearly on their website. If you live in L.A., hiring a plumber to deal with your sewer lateral is up to the homeowner. In most municipalities, homeowners are even responsible for maintaining and repairing the portion of the lateral that is under the street or sidewalk

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One of the sure signs that you have an issue with your sewer line is that multiple plumbing fixtures are backing up, such as a toilet, sink and shower.  Call Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc today (858) 536-4161 for all your local Plumbing issues.

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