plumbing company San Diego CA
plumbing company San Diego CA

Slab Leak Detection and Repair San Diego CA

Find the Source of the Slab Leak

The first step in solving a slab leak problem is locating the source of the slab leak. This requires slab leak detection. A plumbing professional must first identify and locate plumbing leaks. Slab Leak Detection is a very important part of the process. If done properly it may mean that foundation repairs are not needed. The last thing you want is a plumber to neglect this process and start breaking up the foundation without thorough investigation. Often, foundation repair is not even needed, but homeowners are clueless, because once the foundation starts to get destroyed, plumbing leaks naturally happen from a result of it. Make sure your plumber is well qualified and experienced in slab leak detection before the job is started.

How do you know if you have a slab leak?

slab leak detection San Diego CA

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Slab leaks generally come in two forms, sewer leaks and leaks in water lines.  If your water lines are leaking, you usually find out as soon as you get you get your water bill.  A pin hole in a water line can leak out over 10,000 gallons in one month.  In contrast, sewers can leak for years without anybody knowing.  Unless a sewer is in expansive soils and a leak is adding enough water to swell the soils, there are often no signs of the sewer leak.When a water line or a sewer line leaks enough water into expansive soils, the soils can actually swell up and lift a building.  This is called heaving.  Often when a leak is causing heaving, the presence of the leak may be suggested by the way the overlying slab is being bent.  Domes in slabs often indicate the presence of leaks.Of course, once a foundation begins to move, all sorts of cosmetic damage start appear.  In some cases, the damage can indicate the presence of a leak under the foundation.  The shape and location of the damage can be a good indicator.It is important for the plumbing contractor you call in to do the job is experienced in preparing contour diagrams. This helps spot slab deformations that are typical of plumbing leaks.  Make certain the plumber is trained to correlate foundation damage with slab deformations. This helps get a better fix on slab leaks.

How should your plumber perform slab leak detection?

When it comes to water lines, there is a simple two step test.  First a pressure gauge is attached to a spigot and the spigot is opened.  As long as all water use is stopped, the gauge will show the pressure at which water is delivered from the street.  Next, the water meter is turned off.  If there are no leaks, the pressure on the gauge will remain constant.  If the pressure falls, it means that water is escaping from the lines in and under the house.  Generally, if a pressure drop is found, taps, toilets, and other water outlets are rechecked for drips or slow use.  If no drips or slow use, such a running toilet, is found, then the lines must be leaking under the house.

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