plumbing company San Diego CA
plumbing company San Diego CA

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  • Water Heater Odors and What to Do About Them water heater odors San Diego CAWhy Does My Hot Water Heater Stink?
    If you detect water heater odors or a lingering odor in the water itself, then there is a good chance that your tank has come down with a bacterial infection. It will smell like rotten eggs.
    The most convenient way to solve this problem is to flush out the tank. … Read more
  • Commercial Plumbing: 3 Reasons to Switch to Tankless Water Heating tankless water heating San Diego, CASecure energy, space, and lifecycle savings

    If a steady supply of hot water is needed for your business operations, it may be time to ditch your old water heater. A tankless water heating system will secure energy savings while delivering all the hot water your business needs to stay afloat.
    Key Advantages -Tankless Water Heating
    Tankless water heating … Read more

  • Water Heater Temperature : What’s the Best Temperature for My Water Heater? Water Heater Temperature San Diego CAWhen adjusting my hot Water Heater Temperature, what temperature should I set it to? Is the answer different if you have: concerns about diseases, a dishwasher, young children or elderly that can be easily burned, electric vs. gas heat, type of plumbing (e.g. PEX or Copper)? Also, is there a preferred technique to check the … Read more
  • Water Heater Installation Tips | How Water Heaters Work Water Heater Installation tipsWater Heater Installation tips
    For Water Heater Installation tips call on the pros at Black Mountain Plumbing Inc.  Water heaters are a familiar appliance in most everyone’s home but few people really understand how they work.  Here is a great series of articles from that really do a great job of explain what you need … Read more