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All About Water Purification in the Home

water purification San DiegoWater Purification – Perhaps one of the healthiest things you can do for you and your family is to drink filtered water. Water filters remove more harmful contaminants than any other purification method, and they are uniquely designed to work with municipally treated water. Bottled water is also not a healthier or purer choice. The article below gives you the basics of water purification. We can discuss in more detail the advantages of using whole house water filters and install them for you.

Water purification or filtration is the process of taking a contaminated water supply and making it safe for human consumption. Several methods of water purification are used, but the end goal is always the same: to render the water fit for use by killing or removing bacteria, microbes and other contaminants. The type of water filter to use depends on the precise nature of the contaminants present in the water supply.

The purpose of water filtration is to remove impurities from the water. Water filters are designed to facilitate cleaner water from existing sources as quickly and reliably as possible. Water filters provide safer water, improving the taste as well as removing bacteria that could otherwise cause sickness or infection if ingested.


Four types of water filters for water purification

There are four main types of filtration and they employ a mixture of physical and chemical techniques.

Activated carbon

Carbon is an extremely porous material that attracts and holds a wide range of harmful contaminants. Activated carbon is carbon which has a slight electro-positive charge added to it, making it even more attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules.

Reverse osmosis

This is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from a solution (such as water). This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semipermeable membrane.

Ion exchange

Ion-exchange filters are particularly good at “softening” water (removing limescale). They’re designed to split apart atoms of a contaminating substance to make ions (electrically charged atoms with too many or too few electrons). Then they trap those ions and release, instead, some different, less troublesome ions of their own—in other words, they exchange “bad” ions for “good” ones.


Distillation is probably the oldest method of water purification. Water is first heated to boiling. Then the water vapor rises to a condenser where cooling water lowers the temperature so the vapor is condensed, collected and stored. Most contaminants stay behind in the liquid phase vessel.

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