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4 Water Heater Maintenance: Tips for the D-I-Y Crowd

Water Heater Maintenance for the Home   A water heater is something that most of us take for granted, until all of a sudden it stops working.  Then we frantically dial a plumber or rush off to get a brand-new water heater. All this can be prevented with some regular water heater maintenance. Water heater […]

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Phantom Flushing : Are Ghosts Flushing Your Toilet?

Phantom Flushing   Every so often we get a call from someone who reports their toilet flushing when nobody has used it. What is actually happening is the toilet tank re-filling as the water drains out of the tank and the water level gets low enough to trip the fill valve and the tank refills. […]

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Determining And Fixing Spooky Plumbing Noises In Your Home

Diagnose Noisy Plumbing Sounds to Protect Your Home’s Plumbing   To diagnose plumbing noises, it is important to determine first whether the unwanted sounds occur on the system’s inlet side. in other words, when water is turned on-or on the drain side, noises on the inlet side have varied causes. These can be excessive water […]

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5 Common Residential Plumbing Problems

San Diego homeowners who experience residential plumbing problems usually experience these 5 areas of concern: obstructed drain pipes, clogged toilets, garbage disposal problems, leaky faucets, and pipe leaks. Discovering how to find and repair these issues is necessary for property owners. Residential Plumbing Repairs San Diego Your residential plumbing system will ultimately trigger problems for […]

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Methods Used By Professional Plumbers for Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a hazardous and frustrating problem in a lot of homes. The drains in the kitchen sink may become clogged when grease build-up traps food particles. Hair and soap are usually the main culprits behind clogged drains in the bathroom. There are even unpleasant situations when the toilet is clogged due to items […]

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Why You Have a Leaky Faucet – Black Mountain Plumbing

Leaks do not repair themselves. A leaky faucet is the most common leak in a home. Black Mountain Plumbing has been repairing plumbing leaks in houses throughout San Diego County since 1993. We can identify all types of faucet leaks and fix them. Major Reasons for a Leaky Faucet Malfunctioning O-ring – A faulty O-ring […]

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Top 7 Reasons to Consider a Tankless Water Heater

Is the Tankless Water Heater the Future of Water Heating? Many experts believe that a tankless water heater will be the future of water heating.  The technology behind the product is expected to improve and new home construction should quickly adapt to the added electrical requirements. A tankless water heaters revolutionizes the way you use hot water. It produces more […]

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Plumbing Maintenance and Repair in Your Rental Property

  Who Is Responsible for Plumbing Maintenance & Repairs? When it comes down to plumbing maintenance every tenant renting their first apartment or freshly minted landlord on the verge of leasing to their first tenant wants to who is responsible, even seasoned renters and landlords struggle with finding reliable answers to the question posed above. […]

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Do You Need to Replace Your Water Heater?

Wanting to replace your water heater? Or install a brand-new one? Considering replacing and installing a water heater yourself? If you believe you don’t need professional water heater repair service, think again! Ask yourself simple questions. What happens when you have an emergency or the problem is too complex to handle? The truth is that you need […]

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Toilet Repair and Installation

Your toilet is probably the most often used appliance in your home. When it is not working effectively, it can put a real damper on your day. That is why you need to respond the signs of a faulty toilet early. The sooner you recognize the problem, the quicker you can contact a plumber for […]

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