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Sewer Line Repair Services San Diego CA

Sewer Line Repair Services offered by Black Mountain Plumbing

At Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc. we do more than simply clearing your drains and pipes. We offer a number of different sewer line repair services including sewer line replacement, repair and cleaning. We can help you if you are facing any of the following problems:

sewer line replacement - San Diego CA - Black Mountain Plumbing

Cracked, broken, collapsed or offset pipe

The pipes are damaged because of shifting soil, settling, etc.


The pipes are deteriorated and/or broken, resulting in the lines being collapsed and restricting the flow.


The buildup of grease or some foreign objects is prohibiting or restricting the proper flow or/and cleaning of line.

Root in sewer line

The sewer line has been invaded and/or damaged by the shrub or tree roots, preventing the normal cleaning.

Leaking joints

The seals between the pipes are broken, allowing the water to escape in to surrounding areas.

Off-grade pipe

The existing pipes are made of substandard materials that might have corroded or deteriorated.

Bellied pipe

A part of the pipe has sunk because of soil or ground conditions, creating a sort of valley that collects paper & waste.

Black Mountain’s plumbers and technicians are well-trained and highly experienced in the use of the latest technologies and equipment. And by using the state of the art equipment and techniques we can solve your drain and plumbing problems, including the repair and replacement of sewer lines.

Traditional Method of Repairing - Sewer line repair services

Sewer line repairs are typically performed by using the “trench” or “open cut” method in order to gain access to area that surrounds the damaged section of the pipe. In order to open and to refill the work area, backhoe might be used.

Trenchless Method of Repairing

Black Mountain Plumbing uses modern trenchless repair methods ensuring that the replacement of a sewer line does not lead to ruined yards, destroyed parking lots or devastated driveways. The trenchless repairing of sewer lines by Black Mountain Plumbing means that significantly less damage will be caused as compared to the traditional methods of repairing. Trenchless repairs are the next step in the quality sewer maintenance with less impact on the environment.

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Pipe Bursting

In pipe bursting process we make very little access holes at the ends of a damaged pipe. We use the broken sewer line as guide and our hydraulic machines pull the full-sized replacement pipe through old path, breaking up the damaged pipe at the same time. This new pipe is very resistant to root intrusion and leaks, and has a long life.

Pipe Relining Process

In relining process, the damaged pipes are repaired by creating a pipe within the pipe in order to restore flow and function. The epoxy relining materials are molded to the inside of existing pipes in order to create smooth inner walls, quite similar to the lining that is found in the food cans.

Usually, pipe relining is performed through the clean-out access of a building and often there is a need of little digging. The process of pipe relining might be used for repairing the holes and cracks in seals, pipes damaged by roots, and for filling in the missing pipes and sealing the joint connections underground, in the roof drain pipes, under concrete and in storm lines. The relined pipes are seamless. They are more durable and all the materials that are used in relining process are non-hazardous.

Call us to schedule any plumbing services from Black Mountain Plumbing, including sewer line repair services and other services related to drain and plumbing repairs, replacement and cleaning.

Sewer line repair services

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