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Toilet Fixes – 12 Surprising Things You Can Use to Repair Them

Toilet Fixes Toolkit Coca-Cola. Vinegar. Boiling water. No, this isn’t the ingredient list for the craziest cake ever – it’s your toilet fixes toolkit! Hear us out. For major plumbing problems – like, “flooded bathroom-level” problems – it’s best to call a professional plumber. But, if your toilet troubles are minor, a common household item […]

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Common Plumbing Mishaps (& How to Avoid Them)

Sometimes, life happens. One day, your house is in tip-top shape, with all appliances and utilities working in perfect order; and the next, your plumbing mishaps cause a flood. Be the issue with your toilet, your kitchen sink, or your shower drain, those problems were actually a long time coming, even if the stoppage appeared […]

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Local Plumbing Experts : Common Plumbing Pipe Repairs

Pipe Problems Explained by Local Plumbing Experts Pipe repairs can be very expensive, leading to water damage, higher utility bills and costly repairs. Learning about common plumbing pipe repairs from local plumbing experts may help you prevent issues before they occur, or require emergency plumbing  repairs. Leaky Pipes Pipe leaks are serious business. Even the smallest […]

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Hire the Right Emergency Plumbing Service

Most homeowners never give thought to an emergency plumbing service until one is needed In a emergency plumbing service, every minute counts, so you should ask these questions before hiring a plumber to avoid surprise fees and to protect yourself. Licensing Ask the plumber if he or she is licensed in your city or state. […]

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Sewer Line Repair Services San Diego CA

Sewer Line Repair Services offered by Black Mountain Plumbing At Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc. we do more than simply clearing your drains and pipes. We offer a number of different sewer line repair services including sewer line replacement, repair and cleaning. We can help you if you are facing any of the following problems: Cracked, […]

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