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Clog-Free Drains -6 Tips to Ensure Your Drains Are Working Smoothly

How to Have Clog-Free Drains


Clog-free drains help you avoid major problems. In the case of a clog, you may have noticed the water drains a little slower or you need to plunge into the toilet more and more. Eventually, these small issues can become a major problem.

If you want to have a drain system that keeps your home and your family safe and healthy, here are the best six things you can do to ensure your drains are clog-free and open to drainage.


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Have Your Drains Cleaned Regularly

If you flush the toilet, only to have the water back up and spread on the floor, You have a real mess on your hands.

A clog in the sink can be very difficult to deal with and if not dealt with quickly can cause major issues in your home. Without proper drainage the water can overflow, the sink can overflow and the whole house can be flooded. To avoid this, it is important to know how to fix a clogged sink.

You can try using a DIY drain cleaner made up of mild chemicals that are safe for the environment and your health if used correctly.

Having your drains regularly cleaned helps to avoid clogs and is better for your health than having sewage backup

Your Pipes Are Healthier When You Keep Them Clean

Your pipes will eventually get corroded and need replacing. Corrosion can be repaired or you can replace them. But a leak is a nightmare, it could lead to more serious problems like a flood.

If you want to clean your drains, you need to remove the buildup of grease, oil, and other debris. This is a job that can be done by a plumber.

The lifespan of pipes is usually decades if they are properly maintained. If the pipes are not maintained properly, they will need to be replaced within a few years. The costs of replacing pipes are not cheap, which means you will need to get into walls and flooring.

water heater odors San Diego CASay Goodbye to Nasty Odors with Clog-Free Drains

Your drains are a place for dirt and other organic matter. This is why it is important to clean them out. They are a place for hair, soap scum, and other organic matter. These items are removed from your bathtub and sink. You wash dirt, grime, and other organic matter down your sink and your shower.

A clog is caused by hard to flush items like hair or food that get stuck in the drain. This causes the drain to clog up and begin to smell. It is important to keep drains free of food and hair, so it doesn’t clog up.

Drain cleaning and clog-free drains will get rid of the smell, which is a good thing.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage

A clogged drain is a very common problem that is often a sign of a more serious issue. It is also a nuisance, as it is a bit of a job to clear it out. You can usually tell when you have a clog as the drain will be slow to drain, and the clog will have to be cleared manually. Your drains are your house’s lifeline, so it is a must to have them cleaned. A professional drain cleaner will do the job for you. It will remove all the build-up and leave your drains clean and clear. This will eliminate the hassles of overflowing sinks and toilets.

If water gets into your walls it can cause damage. Plaster walls and other wall materials can be eroded and water can seep under tile and plaster. This can cause water damage to walls, plaster, and wallpaper.

Mold can grow and they can lose structural integrity. When they become a serious problem, it can be expensive to replace portions of the flooring. You need to be aware that a persistent clog will just happen over and over again.

plumbing done right - Black Mountain Plumbing - San Diego CAA professional drain cleaner can eliminate the worries of a clog. A clog in a drain can cause flood damage to your home or business.  Professionally cleaned drains can last for years without any problems..

Save Money with Clog-Free Drains

People don’t realize the cost of regular drain cleaning pales in comparison to plumbing costs associated with bad drains or water damage.

If the drain has a clog, they may need to dig up the ground to get to the clog. Earthmover is the name for the large machines that dig up the ground and carry the soil away to be disposed of.

Clogs can cause leaks and leaks can be repaired only by digging up the pipe. The cost of the pipe replacement is large, and the inconvenience is great.

Why a Drain Cleaning Makes Sense

Don’t take on the job of unclogging your drain on your own, it can be dangerous and you may damage your property. Instead, call a professional plumbing service to take care of it.

If you need to get a drain clean, call Black Mountain Plumbing Inc at 858-536-4161.

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