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Garbage Disposal Replacement? – 6 Problems to Help You Choose to Repair or Replace

Has Your Garbage Disposal Stopped Working?


If your garbage disposal has stopped working, you’ll need to find out whether you can repair it or not.

Garbage disposals are very important in the kitchen. They are a very important part of kitchen cleaning and a super helper. However, they can become worn out after a few years and need to be replaced. This is especially important when there are food particles in the drain. If you see a sign of wear and tear then it is important to consider a garbage disposal replacement.  Garbage disposals will not last forever. So if yours is showing signs of wear and tear, then it is time to replace it.

6 Common Problems to Help You Decide on Garbage Disposal Replacement


garbage disposal replacement San Diego CA1. Garbage Disposal Won’t Work, What Can You Do?

If you are having trouble with your garbage disposal and have checked to see if it is plugged in, tripped the breaker, checked the wiring and the garbage disposal is still not working, it is most likely beyond repair. The average cost to replace the garbage disposal is $150 to $950, depending on the unit you buy and the price of labor.

2. It Leaks Often – A Look At Leaky Faucets

You have to regularly clean up puddles around the sink. There could be cracks in the unit which are common from regular use. These cracks could be a simple fix but you have to confirm it. Tightening the mounting bolts could be the fix.

3. Garbage Disposal Gets Clogged? A Lot of Stuff!

Clogs are a common issue that often ends up with garbage disposal replacement.. Disposals can clog if the blades are dull or if they are too small. If the blades are dull then they won’t cut properly. If the blades are too small then the amount of waste that is thrown into the disposal will not be able to be processed and the disposal will clog. Disposals that are too small can be an issue if you throw too much waste into them and clog them. It is always better to dispose of food waste in the bin, not the disposal.

If the blades are not working as they should, it is possible to sharpen them with a cup of rock salt, lemon slices, and ice. Run the disposal and then run the water until the disposal stops grinding. If this does not help, replace the disposal.

garbage disposal replacement


4. It’s Slow – Water Is Going Down the Disposal at a Snail’s Pace

If the disposal is not working properly it could be the blades are the problem. If this is the case, you can attempt the ice, salt, and lemon trick to see if this works. If this doesn’t work, you might need to get the disposal replaced.

5. How To Repair The Stinky Garbage Disposal

If you smell a bad smell when your food is being processed in your food processor, this is a sign that the motor and blades could be failing. Try sharpening the blades, but if this doesn’t work, it might be time to replace the unit.

6. Disposal is Very Noisy

You can use a garbage disposal to get rid of food and grime from your kitchen. If it’s noisy and humming, the motor is probably dead. Before buying a new one, check the motor and make sure there aren’t any food particles stuck between the impeller and the shredder ring.

How to Check the Garbage Disposal for Damage


First, you should try the possible fixes to the garbage disposal first, if that doesn’t work, then you can call a plumber to help.

Sometimes the ground fault circuit can get overloaded and not provide enough power. Resetting the ground fault circuit can help it to function properly again.

Make sure the garbage disposal is not clogged and is working properly again.

Do you need a garbage disposal replacement in your kitchen?  Call Black Mountain Plumbing at (858) 536-4161

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