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Garbage Disposal Tips – Plumbing Company San Diego

Garbage Disposal Basic Tips – San Diego, CA

Just about every home in the nation has a garbage disposal of some sort. Here are some basic tips on these disposals that you should know. Find out the fundamentals of waste disposal unit repair work and keep that money in your pocket where it belongs.

How to Use a Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal tips San Diego CAThis might seem a bit ridiculous to suggest, but read the owner’s manual. We are all guilty of installing something blindly or plugging it in and then waiting until something bad occurs before ever opening the manual. By taking the time to check out the manual, which will usually consist of some do’s and don’ts, damage can most likely be avoided.

Another tip is to know where the reset button is on the waste disposal unit. The majority of machines will have either a reset button or need an Allen key to reset it. This button is generally popped because something gets jammed in the device. See to it the power is killed, clear the disposal unit of any obstructions, and then pop the reset. As soon as that is done, switch on the power to see if it is working.

One thing that will frequently take place when using a garbage disposal is a buildup of little garbage particles. In the summer season, this can result in a rather huge fruit fly neighborhood taking up residence in the house. There are various chemicals and enzymes that can be poured down the drain on the occasion that will help reduce this scenario. When made use of appropriately, that buildup will be avoided and the bugs will never ever make be seen.

Garbage disposals are something that we rarely give much thought to and take for granted. Because of contemporary benefits, we basically assume that the device will work properly. Because of this nonchalance, damage can occur that individuals are not prepared to resolve. Make the effort to do some preventative maintenance, find out the basics of garbage disposal repair work, and read the manual. Ideally, the garbage disposal will stay in working order for many years to come.

Warning Signs That It May Be Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

1. Strange or unusual noises are coming from your garbage disposal.

Because a garbage disposal has moving parts, any peculiar or new noises can be an indicator of a serious problem. Shine a flashlight down your drain to check for anything that may be blocking the unit. A sneaky piece of silverware or a small dish can easily result in unusual sounds from the unit.

If you find something, carefully remove it and test the disposal. If you’re not able to find anything and still hear abnormal sounds, it’s time to call in a professional or consider a replacement.

2. It has a bad smell that won’t go away.

Old food and waste are prone to bad odors, but through proper use of a functioning garbage disposal, this shouldn’t be a problem. If odors persist even though you’ve thoroughly rinsed and ran your garbage disposal, there may be stubborn particles trapped in the unit that refuses to budge.

In most instances, you can call out a professional to remove these trapped particles. However, if you’re running a disposal unit that is 15 years or more – it may be time to swap it out.

3. Your garbage disposal won’t turn on.

When a garbage disposal won’t turn on, there may be a serious problem with the unit itself. Start by pressing the reset button on the unit to see if that gets it going again. You can also check the circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel.

If none of these troubleshooting methods resolve the issue, there’s a good chance you’ll need to call in someone to give it a serious look.

4. Water is leaking from your garbage disposal.

Nothing lasts forever. With garbage disposals, you’ll usually be looking anywhere from eight to fifteen years before you’ll need to replace the unit.

Over time, the disposal may develop cracks or even spring a leak. When this happens, you’ll likely need to replace the unit, as a repair wouldn’t be worth your money.

5. You’re frequently pressing the reset button on the unit.

If you find that you’re frequently pressing the reset button on your garbage disposal, this is a sign that it’s not long for this world.

Pressing the reset button is something that should be seldom done, so pay attention to how often you’re doing it.

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