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How to Fix Slow Water Flow


Here Are Some Common Causes of Slow Water Flow or Low Water Pressure


We all know that water is essential for life and the best thing about water is that it is free. It’s also an expensive resource. If you have slow water flow, you might not notice it for a while but it can become a serious problem in the long run. Here are a few common causes of slow water flow and how to fix them.

Turn Off the Valves and Test for Slow Water Flow

Sometimes, water can be caused by a partially-shut shut-off valve. Turn the valve counter-clockwise. If the water pressure increases, it means that the shut-off valve is partially open.


Low Water Pressure or Slow Water Flow San Diego CAIf you are experiencing low water pressure, it might be due to a clog in the aerator. Clogs are caused by sediment getting trapped in the aerator, which gets in the way of water flow. Remove the aerator and give it a thorough cleaning. You can also soak the aerator in vinegar for a few hours. If there was a lot of dirt or calcium buildup in the aerator, your water pressure will significantly improve.

If you have cleaned the aerator and there is still no flow, there may be a clog in the pipes. The mineral deposits can build up over time causing the water flow to slow. That will eventually cause your pipes to burst, so it is important to keep them in check. You can do that by regularly inspecting the pipes and checking for any potential problems.

Water Leaks

If you notice a drop in water pressure, you can check your water meter to see if there is a leak in your pipes. Turn off the main water valve, wait a couple of hours, and check your water meter. If the reading has increased, you probably have a leak and should call a plumber.

Slow Water Flow from a Water Heater

The cold water pressure is low. Ensure the water heater valves are open fully and see if that improves the water flow. If it does not, the issue may be more intense. If it is the water pipes leading into the water heater that are leaking or the water heater itself that is malfunctioning, then you should get a professional to fix the issue.

Get Help

If you have a slow water flow, you will want to resolve this. If you are not comfortable with plumbing, you will want to seek the opinion of a professional.

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