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Toilet Leaks – How to Find and Repair Them

Call Black Mountain Plumbing if You Have Toilet Leaks

toilet leaks and repair San Diego CA

Your toilet.

You don’t think about it, but if it’s gone kaput, then you’re in for the worst day of your life. Toilet leaks can be a nightmare. Unlike a broken window pane or busted light bulb, anything that leaks needs to be stopped.

Ignoring toilet leaks can lead to:

  • Mold can cause a sore throat and other breathing problems.
  • Damage to your home or property’s structural integrity (cracked walls, warped floors).
  • Exorbitant Water Bills and Repair Expenses (leaks can cost hundreds of dollars annually, and slow leaks can quickly build to an additional 450 gallons a month).

How to Detect Toilet Leaks

Most toilet leaks aren’t easy to detect.  You got yourself a leak if:

  1. Your toilet seems to be running constantly – Your toilet should be quiet after the tank is filled. But if you constantly hear running water or if your toilet sounds like its flushing when you haven’t used it, it could be water leaking into the bowl, a faulty fill valve, a busted supply line, among many others.
  2. Your toilet won’t flush right—This is a common problem for older toilets. Toilets have many parts that must work together. If the tank-to-bowl gaskets or wax ring floor gaskets have as much as a tiny hole, replacing the entire part might be a more cost-effective solution.
  3. Your toilet wobbles or rocks – Does your toilet rock back and forth? Do you hear a squishing sound when you sit on it? This might be a problem with the wax seal.  A compromised seal lets water slowly leak around your floor, causing mold, mildew, and rot.

Common Toilet Leaks Points

  1. Clogged pipes, rusty/corroded pipes—Clogged pipes are the most common cause of toilet leaks. Rusty and corroded pipes are common problems in older homes. Over time, water impurities and debris can cause the pipes to wear down. You don’t notice corroded pipes until it’s too late because leaks can run underneath the house. If your water bill is astonishingly high, getting a professional plumbing inspection might be prudent.
  2. Worn-out washers and bolts – Two large bolts anchor your toilet to the bathroom floor. If any bolts, washers, or gaskets around these wear down, expect leaks from the toilet base! It’s hardly noticeable at first until mold and rust form.
  3. Under the toilet – A professional plumber knows not to caulk around the toilet base because doing so hides leaks caused by an evil wax ring. Fixing this cannot be delayed because you risk damage to adjacent floors!
  4. Cracked tank / toilet bowl – They’re hardly noticeable but are pretty common. It’s a small leak in the beginning. But leave it alone, and it’ll get worse with the continuous pressure from use.  In many cases, cracks can simply be sealed, but that won’t be a permanent solution, and you may eventually have to replace your toilet.

How to Fix a Toilet Leaks

Toilet leak repairs are best left to the professionals. Nipping the problem at the source may cost a little more at the moment, but it can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the long run.

While waiting for the plumbing company to arrive, here are two temporary fixes till help arrives:

  • Get the plunger. A clogged toilet will cause the bowl to leak and overflow.  If you have a toilet plunger on hand, insert the plunger into the bowl (yes, while it’s full of water!) and press the plunger firmly against the bottom of the bowl to form a seal.  Apply 10 rhythmic pumping motions to create more pressure in the drain.  The clog should loosen up.
  • Shut the water supply off. On either side of your toilet bowl is a valve that releases water into the bowl.  Tighten this valve to prevent water from filling the tank.

For complete solutions, accurate assessments, and thorough repairs, call Black Mountain Plumbing!  Leave your leaky toilet problems with us!

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