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Bradford White Water Heaters in San Diego

Why We Prefer Bradford White Water Heaters


Bradford White Water Heaters- San Diego, CAAt Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc we can install pretty much any kind of water heater, but if you ask us what brand name we prefer and what we sell the most of, it’s Bradford-White water heaters..

  • They are built to last and are very sturdy water heaters.
  • They have a wide choice of water heaters in their product line. You can get a natural gas heater, oil, electric, propane, you can even get a solar-powered one if you are thinking of minimizing your carbon footprint.
  • They have loyal, enthusiastic supporters of their quality products.
  • They are simply more efficient than many other brands.
  • Bradford-White water heaters are made in American by a proud American company with a strong ethic for quality.


Bradford White Water Heaters are designed for many years of outstanding performance and reliable operation – especially if they’re properly maintained and serviced. But all water heaters eventually need to be replaced – and factors like harsh water and natural gas quality can shorten that lifespan.

Don’t wait until your water heater stops working entirely or develops a potentially damaging leak.


When an old water heater fails, it can leak. Depending on the amount of water released, this could damage carpets, flooring or furniture, cause mold in your home, and create a costly mess. By replacing your water heater before it starts to leak, you can avoid the cost and hassle of water damage. Why wait for the worst to happen? Get your new water heater in place before problems arise and get all the hot water you need and some peace of mind. Call your favorite plumbing pro to do an annual inspection of your water heater.

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