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Save Money with Indirect Water Heaters

Indirect water heaters – Out of sight, out of mind.  That’s the way it should be when it comes to your home’s water heater. Water heaters should work seamlessly, require zero attention, and cost little to maintain.

Most of us take our heaters for granted simply because we don’t see them.  We turn our shower dials on, press the dishwasher’s setting and hot water will be at our beck and call.

When your water heating system fails, expect everything to be out of whack. The good news is, water heater manufacturers are at the forefront of technology.  Competition encourages everyone to outdo each other when it comes to performance, price, maintenance costs, and convenience. The result is low-cost indirect water heaters and reliable water heater installation services.

What are indirect water heaters?

Indirect water heaters are energy-efficient water heating system, now considered to be the lowest cost water heater on the market. It helps keep utility bills at a minimum because you use your space heater to heat up both water and air.

It works by heating up water in a storage tank using heat from your furnace or boiler.  In essence, it is a well-insulated storage tank that holds a coiled heat exchanger. In an indirect system, water is fired up by a boiler or furnace via heat exchanger which is connected to a space heating unit.  Water is transferred by the water heater into a storage tank where it is stored until it’s needed.

Is this the proper water heater for my home?

Indirect water heaters work if you have a boiler or furnace.  Forced-air HVAC equipment are quite popular especially with newer homes, making boilers and furnaces less popular.  But if your home has a radiator, a hydronic baseboard, or an in-floor radiant heating system, then the boiler can heat not just your home but your water, as well.

Even if your boiler is “ancient” and hasn’t been operating efficiently for years, you can still derive cost-saving benefits from running just one heating system to heat both home and water VERSUS running two separate ones.

Most sensible homeowners aren’t aware that water heaters eat up the most energy – more than your other household appliances combined.  So go for the most practical solution!  Check out indirect water heating systems and watch your bottom line improve tremendously in the long run.

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