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Drain Maintenance and Prevention in San Diego CA

Follow These Tips for Drain Maintenance and Clog Prevention


Can I DIY clog draining? Or should I just call my plumber?

While your plumber may very well be your superhero when your toilet leaks and the flood runs down the stairs (on a Monday morning!), drain maintenance is something you can do yourself.

drain maintenance San Diego CA

Here’s how to keep your drains in top shape.

Tip #1:  At the end of each day, run hot water through the drain.  This prevents the buildup of grease and hard water deposits.   Once a week, prevent buildup in your pipes by pouring ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar followed by a stream of boiling water.

Tip #2: Rid your tub of hair and biofilm buildup.  Biofilm build-up is a muddle of soap residue, bacteria, food particles and body oils that harden as the layers build up.  Check your bathtub stoppers every three months.  Replace the stopper regularly.  Once a week, fill your bathtub halfway to ¾ full and allow to drain.  The weight of the water will fill the pipe and flush debris.

Tip #3: Have your plumbing system professionally maintained.  Small buildup can easily snowball into a clog.  Major connections such as the septic tank and main pipe to the sewer system must have periodic inspections. Small roots can also penetrate a drain pipe. If left to grow, the drain pipe may have to be replaced altogether!

Tip #4: Avoid using chemical-based clog-prevention products. You can have a clog-free BUT corroded pipe. Use a natural cleaner or an enzyme/bacteria-based cleaner. Good bacteria work by growing into colonies and destroying bad bacteria.

Tip #5: Nip clogging problems at its source. Always remove kitchen waste from the sink.  Never pour coffee grinds, grease or food particles down the drain. Debris accumulates easily. By preventing anything that causes build-up, you can avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run.








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