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Drain Maintenance – 3 Tips to a Clog-Free Home

Drain Maintenance San Diego CA

A clogged drain can be unsettlingbut it does not constantly have to be a mess and a hassle. Set a regular drain maintenance routine. It is the best way to keep the drain pipes clog-free in your homeDrain maintenance does require much time and costs very little money to perform. Best of all, it can save you from the expense of a severely blocked drain.

It is very important to keep these items from ever going down the drain: coffee grounds, grease, and other fats, cooking oils, rice, pasta, and flour Collect your cooking grease in an old jar or can and throw it away. Hair and soap cum can also create problems and the easiest way to prevent these issues is by using a simple mesh sink strainer that costs less than $4.

mesh sink strainers - San Diego, CA

How Often Should I Perform Drain Maintenance?

There are a couple of things that you can do regularly to help water flow down your drains. One simple step is to clean your garbage disposal blades by simply running some ice cubes through the disposal after use. Ice sharpens the blades easily and dislodges any food remnants that may have slipped under the blades or have become attached to them.

*Please note that we do not recommend using citrus peels like lemons or oranges to run down your disposal.  They make give off the fresh clean smell of citrus, but they do not do anything to clean or hone your blades.

Another simple thing to do to keep your drains flowing is to every once in a while pour a half of pot of hot water down your drain wait 5 minutes and then pour the other half. This can loosen up grease and other particles that may be starting to collect.  Do not boil the water if you have a rubber splash guard or baffle in your drain, as boiling water can cause them to partially melt and create a black, gooey mess.

Regular Monthly Drain Maintenance

A monthly cleaning will allow you to use simple,  safe cleaning methods which will save you time, energy, and money in the long term.  To clean your drain combine 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of hot water, and a half cup of baking soda and put the blend down the drain. Then cover the sink with the drain stopper and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then flush the drain with 1 additional cup of hot water. The baking soda and vinegar mixture foams up and eliminates particles caught in the drain. This also helps to eliminate bacteria and remove or reduce odors.

Follow These Tips for Drain Maintenance and Clog Prevention

While your plumber may very well be your superhero when your toilet leaks and the flood runs down the stairs (on a Monday morning!), drain maintenance is something you can do yourself.

drain maintenance San Diego CA

Here are some more tips to keep your drains in top shape:

Tip #1: Rid your tub of hair and biofilm buildup.  Biofilm build-up is a muddle of soap residue, bacteria, food particles and body oils that harden as the layers build up.  Check your bathtub stoppers every three months.  Replace the stopper regularly.  Once a week, fill your bathtub halfway to ¾ full and allow to drain.  The weight of the water will fill the pipe and flush debris.

Tip #2: Have your plumbing system professionally maintained.  Small buildup can easily snowball into a clog.  Major connections such as the septic tank and main pipe to the sewer system must have periodic inspections. Small roots can also penetrate a drain pipe. If left to grow, the drain pipe may have to be replaced altogether!

Tip #3: Avoid using chemical-based clog-prevention products. You can have a clog-free BUT corroded pipe. Use a natural cleaner or an enzyme/bacteria-based cleaner. Good bacteria work by growing into colonies and destroying bad bacteria.

Severe Clogs

Some clogs are so severe that regular home drain maintenance does not prevent them.  Another good tool to have on hand for occasions such as these is a sink and drain plunger. A classic sink and drain plunger is a tool that dislodges drain clogs using simple hydraulic pressure created when the rubber cup of the tool is sealed against a drain opening and the handle is pushed up and down rapidly. This cup-style drain plunger will work on all sink, tub, and shower drains, but it’s not a good choice for toilets, where a special tool, known as a toilet plunger, or closet plunger, is the preferred option.

sink and drain plunger to unclog drains-Black Mountain Plumbing

If the above steps do not loosen the clogged sink drain.  You may need to call a plumber.  Call Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc. at 858-536-4161

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