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Tips For Maintaining Your Showerhead

Tip One: Keep Your Showerhead Clean

cleaning your showerhead San Diego, CAKeeping your showerhead clean and free of hard water deposits, mold, and even algae is a very important part of maintenance. While wiping the outside can help it stay shiny, you have to pay attention to its inner workings periodically.

If you have hard water, you’ll notice that pressure is reduced over time, and in some cases, the jets might even stop working properly. Unscrewing the showerhead, rinsing it to remove any loose deposits, and then soaking it in a mineral-dissolving solution like CLR clears up hard water deposits and keeps your shower working right.

If you are on water that has a tendency to allow microbial growth, you can soak your shower head in bleach periodically to keep algae and mold at bay.

Either way, be sure to rinse the shower head in clear water once it’s clean, and let it run for a minute after cleaning and before anyone takes a shower.

Tip Two: Stop Leaks

Occasionally, shower heads develop leaks where they meet the arm that extends out from the wall. In some cases, they need to be tightened, and in other cases, the washer that sits between the two needs to be replaced. You can buy a new washer at a home improvement store; if you need pliers to unscrew anything, be sure to wrap them in tape first to prevent damage.

Tip Three: Fixing a Sticky Pivot

Over time, shower heads can start to stick in a fixed position, causing users to exert excess force to move them back and forth. Fix the problem by disassembling the shower head, coating the pivot with petroleum jelly, and swiveling it back and forth a few times before reassembling.

If you have any more issues with your shower or any plumbing problem in general, contact Black Mountain Plumbing, Inc. and see how we can help with any residential or commercial plumbing issue.


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